Riverside Camping


Shnongpdeng, Dawki
We are located at a private beach away from every one with a 10-15 min boat ride to the campsite from the village.

Inclusive of Camping, 4 meals, barbecue, Boat transfers from village to campsite and back.

Regular Tent: Rs 2,900 Per Head

Safari Tent: Rs 3,900 Per Head

For Bookings Call
+91 9856006437 | +91 9049442647 | +91 8414089699

If your not looking for the adventure package you can opt for this option where you can camp with us and choose the activities as per your interest.

Now,Get away from urban life to a remote area where one can enjoy the pleasures of birdsong, the sound of rushing water, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, the wind whistling through the trees. Enjoy all this with all the adventure activities mentioned above and have the experience of your life.

All age groups are welcome and will stay in tents of your choice.
You will be camping at a river beach which is 10 feet  from the crystal clear water and 15 from the forest.

After an adventurous day lying down by the bonfire with your leg stretch and sipping whatever you bring is one of the best recoveries after an event full day. You can bring your own soft music but blaring music is a no no.
A camping trip is never complete without fresh fish from the river for the barbecue. A must eat.
For the Vegetarian we have barbecued roasted potatoes, roasted onions, tomatoes, peanuts and papad.

Meals are very simple with not spicy and is being prepared by local villagers.

Meal plan:
Breakfast: Tea/ coffee. Eggs, bread, chocos/cornflakes, milk, bread, butter jam, pancakes and honey.
Lunch: Rice, Dal, 2 items veg, 1 non veg item, salad and local chutney.
Dinner: Rice, Dal, 2 items veg, 1 non veg item, salad and local chutney.

Wash rooms:
Washrooms are on sharing basis with 4 toilets and 2 showers.

Dining Area:
A massive dining area measuring 60 x 30 feet. This is where most of the interesting conversations take place after a heavy meal overlooking the Umgot river.